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Relief Labour & Contracting Services

The team at Infield Impact have worked on pipeline constructions around Australia for over 15 years. Flexible and experienced staff are available to perform any of the following site and project functions Australia wide on short notice, and come with all relevant certifications and qualifications. Don't let downtime due to manpower issues delay your construction progress.

Site & Project Functions:

  • Supervision of land clearing, ditching, reinstatement, fencing
  • Senior construction site supervision
  • Civil gas pipeline works inspection
  • Risk and environmental management
  • Compliance Auditing of inspection test plans and construction specifications
  • Route selection during front end design stage
  • Land liaison and Stakeholder negotiations
  • Technical writing for civil gas pipeline construction procedures
  • Preparation of dilapidation reports
  • Heritage authentication
  • Pipeline Supervision
  • Archaeological supervision

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